About Us / 關於我們


Professional cosmetic manufacturing of vibrating mascara, oscillation, rotating mascara and other patent designed cosmetics containers for OEM/ODM.

提供震動睫毛膏、震动睫毛膏、電動睫毛膏、电动睫毛膏、旋轉睫毛膏、旋转睫毛膏、震動型專利睫毛膏、Vibrating Mascara、Oscillation Mascara等震動型睫毛膏及智慧型專利化妝品瓶器專業製造服務。

Sharp sense of fashion and creative ability are the two basic sectors that ensure the success of a cosmetic business, which Polaroisin is very much proud of itself. Thanks to the efforts of our strong support team, Polaroisin is able to design and develop various products families for customers based on their market focuses.Brilliant performance and outstanding designs of our products have made Polaroisin a leader in cosmetic business in Asia. Our products could be found in Asia, America and Europe.


Polaroisin is a pioneer in product development that we steadily develop unique and patented products. Quality, creativity and service are the promises of Polaroisin, and that's how we call ourselves - "Professional". We have developed numerous competitive products and vibrating mascara is the most well known one product in our company. Many more are coming in the near future.